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This project

is currently in development

"WE the People


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Giving people a voice 

in removing the influence

of corporate and

special interest money

from D.C. politics


• To demonstrate the numerous and significant ways in which this
   influence negatively impacts our lives and the country.

• To use a high-profile, non-partisan event to make removing this
   influence a 
critical, national priority.

• To inspire citizens to run for Congress with a platform that
   includes not taking this money.

This video is a draft of the Overview video which explains the need to shift the funding of congressional campaigns from corporate and special interests over to our government.

3 Parts
to the Project

1: The Videos

We will create up to 100 compelling, 1-minute videos 

that build a rigorous, non-partisan case for why shifting congressional campaign funding from corporate and special interests over to the government is absolutely necessary.


Each video will . . .

1) Explain how a specific problem caused by the influence of corporate and special interest money in D.C. politics has negatively affected citizens and our country.

2) State the key benefit(s) we'll experience when that influence is gone.

This video is a draft of one such video.

2: The Call to 


Each video will ask the viewer to click over to our website and record their voice saying, "We the people say, represent us!" as a way for them to show support for this shift in funding and, in using the words, "we the people," symbolically assert their authority over Congress as given to them by the Constitution.

3: The



We will incorporate these recordings into our "WE the People SPEAK: Statement to Congress" sculpture — a 48' wide by 28' high, 13-panel representation of their support. We will take it on a multi-month tour across the U.S. (traveling collapsed but expanded for display at each destination) beginning in San Francisco and ending in Washington D.C. Driven by a robust marketing plan, the tour will stop at cities with TV media where our group will seek interviews. Stops will also include colleges and universities.
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Logo 2024-02-10.png
Colors depicted are not final
Each evening's rally will include a variety of speakers, both local and national, plus individuals from the entertainment industry. The main speech will hit key issues and objectives. All speeches will be recorded and saved onto the "Statement to Congress." Ideally, each rally would be followed by music from supporters in the music industry.

With an ever-growing number of voices added to the sculpture, we believe this national tour can garner attention from the media, NGOs working in this space, political thought leaders, etc. and especially, 
"WE the People."
additional entry points
for individuals to become engaged

For people who want corporate-driven D.C. gridlock to end, . . .

. . . this is a functioning-government project.

For people who want government waste caused by campaign-donation-driven decisions stopped, . . .

. . . this is a fiscal-responsibility project.

For people who want a Congress to not be known for the money it raises for its campaigns but for the quantity and quality of bills it passes that improve our lives, . . .

. . . this is a significant-raising-of-our-quality-

of-life project.

For people who want decisions about how we defend our country to not be driven by campaign donations from the "military industrial complex" of which President Eisenhower warned, . . .

. . . this is a national security project.

For people whose families are burdened with excessive prescription drug costs, . . .

. . . this is a healthy child, healthy family project.

For the growing team working on the "WE the People SPEAK" project, . . .

. . . this is an all-of-the-above-and-so-much-more project.

Quoria Foundation

P.O. Box 21, Belmont, CA 94002

While this project 
is about the influence of money in D.C.,
100 videos are

© 2024 Quoria Foundation. All rights reserved.

For people who want Congress to address climate change based on bipartisan, science-based analysis, free from the influence of corporate funders, . . .

. . . this is a climate change project.

We the people determine the direction
in which this world turns

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