The Plight of English Learners

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Research shows that these students are the "least educated" population in U.S. schools (1) and are critically underserved. The percentage of 4th grade English language learners who score below the "Basic" level in math (the lowest level) is 44%. Unfortunately, by the 8th grade, 

69% of these students score 

below "Basic" (1). So, they fall 

further and further behind 

during each of those critically 

important years.

Research informs us that these

students need educational content

in their native languages along with

assessments (also in their native

languages) while they learn English (3).


Far too many of these students never

have the chance to keep pace with their

English-speaking peers. They fall behind and stay behind.

Math4ALL helps eliminate the language barrier to advancement in math for English learners in U.S. schools. This new genre of educational software we call "massively multilingual" is needed now more than ever.

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