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The Plight of English Learners

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen how pivotal educational software is to students having to learn at home.  Educational technology is becoming more and more central to students' education. And yet we also know how much harder it is for English learners (ELs) to succeed because most educational software is English-only. 

Research informs us that these students need educational content in their native languages along with assessments (also in their native

languages) while they learn English (3).

ELs desperately need Math4ALL.

Research shows that these students are

the "least educated" population in U.S.

schools (1) and are critically underserved.

The percentage of 4th grade English

learners who score below the "Basic"

level in math (the lowest level) is 44%.

Unfortunately, by the 8th grade, 69% of

these students score below "Basic" (1).

So, they fall further and further behind 

during each of those critically important years

Math4ALL helps eliminate the language barrier to advancement in math for English learners in U.S. schools. This genre of educational software we call "massively multilingual" is needed now more than ever.

To link to the citations, click here.

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