Our Council of Advisors

Amar Chitimalli

Amar has been a game development/design software engineer for more than 15 years. Has been building casual, social and mobile games that are cross-platform for companies like BigFish Games, Zynga, and Microsoft. He advises various companies in architecting cross platform gaming solutions.


He is the Founder and CEO of Faunaface, a game developer focused on building products for mobile, VR, and AR, in addition to experimentation with AI.


Prior to founding Faunaface, Amar was a Lead Engineer & Engineering Manager at Zynga, a global entertainment software developer. He and his team received multiple awards for their work. Amar received Zynga's "Atlas" award for leading and managing that engineering team.

Brett Gentry

Brett brings over 16 years of experiential learning product design and engineering program management to the Quoria Foundation, along with his passion for education.  Some of his notable projects include designing Microsoft's first foray into distance learning, Microsoft MODL, and Suze Orman's Personal Finance 101 for the University of Phoenix.

He is a former Board of Trustee member at Crystal Springs & Uplands School and is a Strategic Planning Advisor for the Belmont Redwood Shores School District, bringing design thinking and project based learning to the district.

Brett received a BS in Environmental Design and BA in Economics from UC Davis.

Chip Fesko

Chip Fesko is the Senior Director of Advertising for the George Lucas Educational Foundation and their web site, Edutopia.org. 


He has been in education publishing and advertising since 1989. He has worked for Highlights for Children, Teaching K-8 Magazine, and many Scholastic Magazines such as Instructor and Scholastic Administrator.


He has a masters degree in Communications from S.I. Newhouse School of Journalism at Syracuse University and a bachelor's degree in History from the State University of New York at Fredonia.

Paul Gavarini

A pioneer in the computer industry, Mr. Gavarini has a Master of Science and a Master of Applied Mathematics from the University of Lyon in France. He also has a post graduate Engineering diploma from the Ecole Superieure d' Electricite in Paris (ESE), one of the most highly regarded engineering schools in Europe.


Mr. Gavarini started his career as Professor at the ESE. He built a computer language widely used in France and implemented the first time-sharing system in Europe.


Hired by Bill Hewlett, Mr. Gavarini was instrumental in the development of Hewlett Packard in various places in Europe and in the U.S.


Mr. Gavarini then built a very successful marketing support organization in Europe for Data General.


Joining a new start-up venture on the East Coast, Vydec, he then led the development and market introduction of one of the very first and most successful word processors. Exxon acquired Vydec and named Mr. Gavarini Vice-President. Mr. Gavarini also held the position of President of the French subsidiary.


In 1986, Mr. Gavarini joined Apple Computer in Cupertino. He introduced the ARM technology to the company. He was instrumental in the development of key technologies such as MPEG and the ARM RISC microprocessor for Apple. The ARM became the core of the iPhone and iPad.


Mr. Gavarini founded Api-Link Corp., a venture software company producing and distributing an interconnectivity package for mainframe computers. He developed the business model for the company and obtained financing agreements from two of the major VC groups in the Silicon Valley.


Most recently, Mr. Gavarini founded Loxxar, Inc., an enterprise software company based on an asp model.


Mr. Gavarini is the author of 13 books and holds two software patents.