Status of Math4ALL's Software Development

Math4ALL is accessible in 24 Languages (on the way to 95!) and has content that covers 1st to 5th grade. Math4ALL will eventually cover K though pre-algebra.

The software development of version 2.0 is underway. Key components of the project include:

- Incorporating Math4ALL into “Clever” — the education web space where 65% of teachers, schools, and districts in the U.S. (educating over 22 million students) discover new educational programs and easily incorporate them into their curriculum in just minutes.

- More math topics, broadening the range of students who will benefit from Math4ALL.
- Two new features in the math practice module, enhancing playability.
- All-new graphics and sound effects, making Math4ALL more attractive to students and educators.

- Moving the database and other aspects of the backend code to Azure. This will allow Math4ALL to scale — expand the number of student-users.

We expect to have teachers testing Math4ALL in late January.