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The Math4ALL Team

Our team is composed of high-caliber experts in the technology, education, translations, marketing, and promotions fields. Following is our growing team and their specific area(s) of expertise.

Project lead
    Christopher Wright — Quoria’s Founder and CEO; developer and publisher of educational math software.

Software Development

    Faunaface — a software developer based in Austin, TX.

    Auerbach Industries — A multinational translation company with services covering 120 languages.

In addition to the team listed at left, members of Quoria’s Board and Council of Advisors will lend their expertise to Math4ALL in the following areas:

Software development

    Amar Chitimalli — Council of Advisors

    Brett Gentry — Council of Advisors

    Vicki Sharp, Ph.D — Board member

Revenue Streams
    Lisa Graff — Board member

    Lisa Graff — Board member
    Wylie Greig — Board member

    Lisa Graff — Board member

    Wylie Greig — Board member

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