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by Christopher Wright

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World Trade Center
Memorial Competition Submission
Submission Poster (One of 5,201 designs submitted from around the world)
Core theme: We the people determine the direction in which the world turns. 
Design concept: A people-powered turntable (left) turns a globe (right). 
Key features:
- Stairways and an elevator give people access to the globe.
- The globe has seating inside for about 3,000 people.
- The turntable is designed for up to 240 people.
Side View
People-powered turntable that turns . . .
. . . the "World Window" which contains seating for up to 3,000.
Top View
120 pushing stations around the perimeter — enough for 240 people.
Stairways and an elevator lead up the seating area inside the World Window.
See the blue arrow to the right of the "Side view" image (above) to see where you'd be in the "World Window" to have this vantage point.
The Sphere of Promise
This 16' diameter sphere sits on a pedestal in the middle of the turntable. It's filled with notes from children from around the world with their hopes for a better future. People turning the turntable are symbolically promising to fulfill those hopes. (Note: This image shows people turning the turntable at the pushing stations that are located around the perimeter of the table.)
Sphere of promise.png
Pyrex glass tubing and rod Christmas ornaments featuring 3-tube, 6-tube, and
8-tube designs (pictured are 6" lengths)
Whale's Tail Mugs
Porcelain clay; clear glaze.
"We the People Speak" Wall
An audio-visual representation of people's votes and voices from Quoria Foundation's We the People Speak project — a project designed to make the removal of the influence of corporate and special interest money from DC politics a national priority.
• The project's collection of videos will be designed to motivate people to register their votes and record their voices in support of removing the influence of corporate and special interest money in DC politics.
• Each video — up to 100 of them — will describe a negative aspect on our lives of this influence.
​• People will call or text our phone lines to register their vote and record their voice.
• Once the videos go live, this wall will embark on a 30,000 mile tour of the U.S., the destination being DC.
• New votes and voices will be added daily.
• Their votes (comprising the hand) are scribed onto individual brass plates using a desktop scribing device. These plates can be easily removed from the wall for this purpose.
• Using a similar method, recordings of voters saying "We the People" will be recorded onto plates that have a recordable surface. These plates comprise the area outside the hand.
• Speakers built into the base will automatically play samples of people saying "We the People." Our software will also combine people's recordings into choruses of 10, 100, and 1,000 voices speaking simultaneously. We will attempt to combine all of the voices into a single recording and include that in the playlist.

We the people determine the direction
in which this world turns

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