The Great Need For Math4ALL

This 2-minute video exposes the systemic, national need for equity in educational software. When doing research for this video, even we were blown away by what we discovered!

Math4ALL is needed now more than ever

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Over the last fourteen months, we’ve seen how pivotal educational software is to students having to learn at home.  I also know how much harder it is for English learners (ELs) to succeed because most educational software is English-only.  And with distance learning, the reliance on educational software has never been greater.  COVID has accentuated existing systemic problems, turning what was already challenging into a tragedy.  ELs desperately need Math4ALL.
Christopher Wright
Founder and CEO
Quoria Foundation

The Number of Languages Spoken in These School Districts


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Math4ALL will be accessible in

the languages spoken by over 99% of

English language

learners in U.S. schools.

“There are over 400 languages

spoken by English language learners in U.S. schools. 

It should be a national priority 

to provide this least-educated  student population

with core curriculum content in their native language 

while they learn English.”


Christopher Wright

Founder & CEO, Quoria Foundation

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Why "Massively Multilingual" Educational Content Is Needed

English language learners are struggling in U.S. schools. Research informs us that they need educational content in their native languages. Watch this video to learn why Math4ALL is needed to address the systemic challenge facing these students. (2.5 min.)