Project Specifications
Quoria has developed a project design specification document for Math4ALL which includes all aspects of its functionality and features.

Software Development
We've secured the services of a seasoned and proven software developer located in Silicon Valley. Their core competencies are in the areas of web, mobile, applications, and database systems. They created the Sony Computer Entertainment of America (PlayStation) primary website, The site serves over 100 million users annually with 1 billion pages accessed each year and is comprised of interactive content for thousands of game titles.

We will be collaborating with Benetech to make Math4ALL accessible to seeing impaired and blind students — yes, also in 95 languages!

Benetech is a nonprofit based in Palo Alto that develops and uses technology to create positive social change internationally. This includes cutting edge digital math education technology for seeing impaired and blind students. Benetech is eager to share their expertise to help us serve these underserved students. (An explanation of how Math4ALL will be adapted for these students can be found on our website.)​

Site Architecture
The software developer has completed 90% of Math4ALL's architecture (the blue print of the software).

Prototype Created
The software developer has created a prototype of the core math practice engine — the math practice module where students spend about 98% of their time.

Math Content

We have over 70,000 math problems to be included in Math4ALL.

Software Development of Math4ALL


Massively Multilingual & Massively Accessible Math Practice Software