Massively Multilingual & Massively Accessible Math Practice Software

Core Features

1. Self Competition — An Incredible Motivator
Math4ALL uses an extremely compelling, high-productivity, animated six-lane straightaway racing format. The student races (with dragsters, riderless horses, or other graphics) against his/her previous best five races. The format is entirely self-competitive and self-paced. Since students are racing against themselves, they are highly motivated to beat their previous races.

2. Highly Productive Computer Time
Since the format is a straightaway race, students don’t need to manipulate the animation. Just typing in answers accelerates the cars, horses, or other graphics. Student time is devoted exclusively to answering math problems as quickly as possible. This makes their computer learning time extremely productive.

3. Internal Motivation Maximizes Rate of Learning
The vast majority of math practice programs use cartoon animations to motivate students to do the math. These animations are often external motivators which students can tire of. Math4ALL taps students' innate desire to beat their previous scores. The internal motivation drives students to work harder and longer and have more fun.

4. Constant Proof of Improvement
With each race, Math4ALL automatically calculates the amount of improvement in math and displays that numerical value as an elapsed time. Since Math4ALL detects levels of improvement that aren’t humanly detectable, so students improve with nearly every race. This constant proof of improvement “re-wires” students’ brains to expect ongoing improvement in this form of math.

For English language learners who’ve spent years falling further and further behind their native English-speaking peers, this proof shows them that they are capable of progressing in math. This is also profoundly helpful to any student who has been challenged in math because it provides tangible proof of their capacity to improve quickly.

Statistics show that a high percentage of girls veer away from math during the middle school years. Since the Math4ALL content spans elementary school and middle school, it will help those girls stay engaged in math during these critically important years.

Secret Sauce — Four Ingredients

Assessment Module

Without an assessment tool that tells educators the academic level of each English language learner, educators are in the dark as to what they know and don't know. Math4ALL will pinpoint each of these students' academic level and automatically start them on a path of learning. Regardless of the kind of student using Math4ALL, it's designed to require little or no teacher oversight.

Math Practice Module

Its extremely compelling, high-

productivity, research-based format

will accelerate students’ ability to do

math and help them achieve fluency,

proficiency, and confidence in math.

Progress Tracking

Dashboards will show robust

performance metrics for daily

improvement of individual students up

to entire school districts in aggregate.

Comparative Data

Educators and parents will see how individual students compare to their peer groups (school, district, state, and country) by percentile on a topic-by-topic basis and overall.

Math Competitions

Students will have the opportunity to participate in math competitions using the math practice format of the software — from class-wide, school-wide, and district-wide up to nationwide — in real time and over time.