Massively Multilingual & Massively Accessible Math Practice Software

​Blind & Visually Impaired Students
There are over 557,000 of these students nationwide, including both native English- and non-native-speakers. Yes, Math4ALL will be accessible to them in all 95 languages!

And while these students often need adaptive computer hardware to use educational software, they won’t need special equipment to use Math4ALL. In fact, they won’t even need a computer. All students can use Math4ALL on tablets and smart phones, even if those devices aren't connected to the internet.

So, how can students who can’t see the screen use Math4ALL? Our program’s format is different than virtually all other animated math practice programs. Those other programs require the student to interact with the animation in some way — clicking on cartoon characters, navigating around obstacles, etc. Math4ALL’s animation is driven not by student interaction but because the student is typing in answers to math problems as fast as they can. A key benefit to this format is that 100% of the student’s time is spent doing math, not playing with the animation. Plus, with Math4ALL, the motivation to do the math is internal to the student vs. external.

Advanced Learners
When a student answers a problem correctly, the next problem appears instantly. They never have to wait. This keeps advanced learners on their toes.

Remedial Students and Adult Learners
Math4ALL's format is not age-specific. So, even though the content goes as basic as kindergarten, older students and adults can use it without being embarrassed by a juvenile format.

​Special Ed Students
Math4ALL uses both a self-paced format and a self-competitive format. So, even the slowest students can come in first. Plus, Math4ALL can detect levels of improvement that aren't humanly detectable. So, micro-improvements yield better scores.

English Language Learners
Research shows that these students are the least educated population in U.S. schools and are critically underserved. The percentage of 4th grade English language learners who score below the "Basic" level in math (the lowest level) is 
44%. Unfortunately, 
by the 8th grade, 
69% of these 
students score 
below "Basic." 
So, they fall 
further and 
further behind 
during each of 
those critically 
important years. Far too 
many of these students never have the chance to keep pace with their English-speaking peers.

Math4ALL will help eliminate the language barrier to advancement in math for students who are English language learners (also called ESL) in U.S. schools. This new genre of educational software we call "massively multilingual" is needed now more than ever.

For the Broadest Range of Students