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Reducing the Achievement Gap
for Students Who Are English Learners
Math software accessible in 95 languages including...
English    Spanish    Mandarin    Cantonese    Vietnamese    Russian    Tagalog    Portuguese    Polish    Haitian Creole    Arabic    Persian/Farsi     Hindi    Gujarati    Urdu     Khmer   
Armenian    Punjabi     Greek    Albanian    Bengali     Lao     Thai     Serbo-Croatian     Ukranian     Amharic     Romanian     Taiwanese     Ilocano    Italian    Yupik    Inupiaq     Telugo    Malayalam     Hebrew    Hungarian    Tamil    Samoan    Czech    Burmese    Nepali

and 53 others.

Math4ALL aims to eliminate the linguistic barrier to advancement in math for students who are English learners (also called, ESL and ELL) in U.S. schools.  It’s a powerful, research-based, STEM math software program (in development). 

Math4ALL will be accessible in the languages spoken by 99% of these English learners (ELs).  This massively multilingual program w
ill help level the academic playing field, enabling ELs to improve their math skills from their first day of school right alongside their English-speaking peers.

Plus, Math4ALL is not just for ELs.  It is equally appropriate for English-speaking students, pre-K through adult, and special ed through gifted.  It is designed to be accessible to every school and home with access to technology — the ultimate in scalability — and for use both online and offline (using a downloadable application/app).

 Five Core Components

• Assessment module
Without an assessment tool that tells educators the academic level of each EL, educators are in the dark as to what ELs know and don't know. Math4ALL will pinpoint each EL's academic level and automatically start them on a path of learning.
• Math practice module

Its extremely compelling, high-productivity, research-based format will accelerate students’ ability to do math — a required ability that is foundational to achieving fluency, proficiency, and confidence in math.
• Student progress tracking

Dashboards will show robust performance metrics for daily improvement of individual students up to entire school districts in aggregate.
• Student comparative data

Educators and parents will see how individual students compare to their peer groups (school, district, state, and country) by percentile on a topic-by-topic basis and overall.
• Math competitions

Students will have the opportunity to participate in math competitions using the math practice format of the software — from class-wide, school-wide, and district-wide up to nationwide — in real time and over time.

Advancing English Learners in Math From Day 1
Math4ALL is a highly inclusive, much needed, and transformational product that will benefit the United States' least educated population and one of the most underserved. It can move ELs toward excellence in math from their first day of school. Please donate today!

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